Our Speakers

The Annual Conference of the Institute for Palestine Studies Co-organized with Dar El-Nimer

Conference Speakers

Abd El Raheem Ghanem

A faculty member of Al-Quds Open University

Adnan Idrees Al-Salqan

Previous President of Balata Youth Club in the First Intifada

Ala Alazzeh

Assistant professor of cultural and social anthropology at Birzeit University

Amal Zayed

PhD candidate at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Amer Shomali

Palestinian artist

Amr Saad Eddin

Researcher at the Institute for Palestine Studies

Azza I. Qassem Al-Kafarna

Consultant of Women's Affairs & Gender Equality for Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor

Bassam Al-Salihi

General Secretary of the Palestine People’s Party

George Giacaman

Associate professor in the MA programs at Birzeit University

Ghassan Khatib

Teaches cultural studies and contemporary Arab studies at Birzeit University

Ghazi Hamad

Journalist and Politician from Gaza

Hadeel Qazzaz

Specialist in gender and development

Hasan Yusuf

Leader in the Hamas movement

Idrees Jardat

Founder and CEO of Alsanabel Center

Imad Al-Soos

PhD from the Free University of Berlin

Issam Younis

General Director of Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights in Gaza

Jamal Zaqout

Member of the Palestinian National Council

Jo Kelcey

PhD candidate in International Education at New York University

Khaled Elayyan

Director of Sarryet Ramallah First Ramallah Group

Khaled Hourani

Artist, designer and curator

Maher Charif

Senior researcher at the Institute for Palestine Studies in Beirut

Mamdouh Aker

Doctor, surgeon, and member of the Royal College of Surgeons- Edinburgh

May Odeh

Director and producer

Mohammad Jaradat

Researcher, writer

Mohammed Alatar

Filmmaker, researcher and Human Rights activist

Nadia Abu Zaher

PhD in political science

Omar Assaf

Writer and Political Analyst

Raja Khalidi

Development economist

Roger Heacock

Professor of history

Saleh Abd Al-Jawad

Professor of political science at Birzeit University

Salim Tamari

Senior researcher at Institute for Palestine Studies

Sameer Shihadeh

PhD in Arabic Literature

Suad Amiry

Founder of Riwaq

Suhad Daher-Nashef

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Qatar University

Walid Habbas

M.A student of sociology at Birzeit University

Yacoub Odeh

Human rights and community activist

Yasmine Saleh Hamayel

Head of project in the Online Security Sector Observatory in Palestine

Younis Aljaro

Former leader in the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Zakaria Alagha

President of the PLO Department of Refugee Affairs